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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer > Orlando Criminal Defense FAQs > What NOT To Do When You Are Arrested?

What NOT To Do When You Are Arrested?

Being arrested can be a shocking, stressful, and even humiliating experience. You may want to defend yourself right on the scene, tell your side of the story, but this is never a good idea. Share these tips with your friends and family because it can save everyone from some crucial mistakes.

  1. Don’t Talk: The time to defend is in the courtroom and with your attorney, not on the side of the road with adrenaline pumping. The police are waiting for you to admit to crimes, show them where evidence is or say things to add more charges. You have the right to remain silent- use it. Even after arrest do not call home and explain every little detail. You need to speak to your attorney only- the lines are recorded.

  2. Don’t Give Consent: If they’re asking it’s not because their using manners, it’s because legally they can’t search. The only way around this is by you saying, “Sure, I have nothing to hide”. Not only did that vague answer allow them to search practically everywhere you just gave up your right to privacy. Anything they find can add new charges or be used against you later. The answer is always no.

  3. Don’t Run: I know, fight or flight, but honestly once the helicopter has spotted you and the canine is let loose, you’re not getting away. Guess what you won for your attempt, a new charge! Act against all urges to run and stay put. You’re nervous but you must stay quiet and call your attorney.

  4. Don’t Resist: As much as you’d rather not, let the cuffs go on. Tussling with four officers on your back is not a good idea. I’m sure you know by now what you win, a new charge! Again, the time to defend is in the courtroom with your attorney.

  5. Don’t Hire Just Anyone: Make sure the attorney has experience handling your type of case. Make sure they are willing to take the time to work on your defense. Make sure you are comfortable with their work ethic and professionalism.

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