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    Attorney RAJAN JOSHI has been featured on such shows as...

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    Attorney RAJAN JOSHI graduated from the University of Florida College of Law in 2000 with HONORS and demonstrated his academic excellence by earning the highly coveted BOOK AWARD IN CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (highest grade). Rajan Joshi further proved his knowledge of law by scoring among the TOP FIVE HIGHEST SCORES IN THE BAR EXAM for the entire State of Florida.

    Attorney Joshi started his career as an Assistant State Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida where he developed his trial abilities during his 4 year tenure. Mr. Joshi was recognized for his performance by receiving the JURY TRIAL AWARD in 2003 for trying the most jury trials in the office. After his tenure at the State Attorney’s office, Mr. Joshi worked for an AV RATED (top ranking) law firm in Jacksonville for two years and then moved back to Orlando and was soon hired at the prestigious Nejame Law firm. His legal talents were quickly recognized and within his first year became a Partner with the firm. While at the firm for over eight years, Rajan Joshi handled many high profile cases which received local and national media attention. In 2014, the National Trial Lawyers Association recognized Mr. Joshi as one of the TOP 100 TRIAL LAWYERSMr. Joshi has an Avvo rating of 10 (Highest Rating) and is ranked as a Superb Lawyer. Based on the extremely positive testimonials from multiple clients, Mr. Joshi was awarded the the AVVO CLIENT’S CHOICE AWARD in 2015.

    Mr. Joshi left Nejame Law in 2015 to become the Founding Partner at Joshi Law. Mr. Joshi strongly believes that anyone charged by the State or the Federal Government needs an aggressive defense and does everything he can and hires the best legal staff to ensure that his clients are protected with the Rights the Constitution has provided. Joshi & Schisani Law is truly HERE TO PROTECT YOU.

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    Rajan Joshi In The News

    Joshi Law - In the News

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    Attorney Rajan Joshi of the Joshi Law Firm, PA discussing how his firm helped his client make sure that all her patients are safe and properly treated.

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    Mr. Joshi on Behind The Law while recording at BUD 94.1 FM discussing criminal law and the Noor Salman trial.

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    Criminal Defense Lawyer Rajan Joshi on Dr. Phil

    Attorney Rajan Joshi steps in to help a teen charged as an adult with trying to hire people to kill her parents.

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    'Grandparents Rights' Bill Draws Florida Lawmakers' Support

    It’s been more than three years now since Yvonne Stewart has seen her daughter…

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    Client Testimonials

    I was charged with a very serious crime and facing considerable consequences. From the beginning, Mr. Schisani was earnest and clear in setting realistic goals to the outcome of the case. As can be expected, the case took some time to resolve, approximately 9 months, and Mr. Schisani did a superb job of providing me with updates throughout the process. When dealing with serious legal allegations, it can be a very stressful time. I was very impressed with his availability and quick response time to all my inquiries regarding the case. Due to Mr. Schisani's diligence throughout the process, I received a favorable outcome and am very pleased with the results of my case. As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Schisani was dedicated and tenacious in getting me the best possible outcome. In my opinion, Mr. Schisani provided 5 out 5 legal representation at an exceptional value. I would highly recommend Mr. Schisani's services to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.


    Christopher is very reliable, gets great results for you, and makes it extremely convenient for you to continue with your work life and personal life while he works hard for you. Give him a chance and you’ll be a lifetime member with him. Amazing personality and professional ethics. Highly recommended. I will be sending everyone I know to Christopher from now on! Thanks Christopher!


    Chris worked tirelessly to fight for the best outcome in my case. Without his help I don't know if I would have had a life worth living, being so young, any kind of criminal record would have been terrible. Being arrested can be very detrimental to anyones mental health. Chris however answered any of my questions and was able to take away some of that burden. I was very confident in his ablity to work toward the best outcome in my case. Though the damage has already been done, Chris' tireless work has allowed for me to one day heal from this terrible experience. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone dealing with a legal issue as his dedication to his clients is unmatched.

    Rajan is a awesome lawyer that treats his clients like family and defends you to the fullest. When he inters a room his voice and deminer demands respect. There is never a dull moment in the courtroom when Rajan is there. I had the pleasure of having Chris defend me in a hearing.he is just like Rajan, they are awesome lawyers to have represent you and i would and have recommended them to my family and friends.

    Roen Espinoza
    Roen Espinoza2021-08-06

    If you are facing any legal challenges, this is the attorney you definitely have to hire. I was facing some serious charges, but this great attorney fought to the very last second to get the best results for me. He is an excellent negotiator and a tough fighter, and that’s why I have given him the nick name of “The Pit bull attorney.” If I was ever in trouble again or anyone I know, I would call Chris immediately, no doubts about it!!! Here’s the part that’s most important, he does not look at you as a client, but rather as a family member and that’s what makes him different.

    Hard work very good Knowledge I recommends him He knows what to do I hired him do a Battery ( domestic violence) He got it taken care of and dropped Thank you so much Mr. Chris

    He is wright on the target . very helpful .he will return you call and explain everything needed. He will up date you regarding you case as soon as he knows something new is coming

    Chris is the best attorney I’ve ever had he’s passionate hard working and he is a fighter in that courtroom I was facing 2 life sentences and he fought with no fear and brought me out unharmed thank you Chris and the Joshi law firm

    Best attorney
    Best attorney2021-07-13

    Chris is awesome! Great to work with and quick to reply. I was being charged with domestic battery by strangulation because of retaliatory allegations from the mother of my kids. From day one Chris was on top of it. At my first appearance, my bond was cut in half and 5pm hold taken off immediately. Allowing me to get out with just enough time to reschedule my appointments for work without any hiccups. This alone is worth the 5 stars but Chris did more than that. He worked with the State attorney bring my charge down to a misdemeanor battery for which the Judge accepted the no contest plea. I am very grateful I hired Chris, I couldn't have done it without him.

    I was in some criminal legal trouble that could have cost me my life and my career. He was a recommendation from another lawyer that knew I needed the best in Florida. I called Chris and without hesitation he told me what I needed to do and what my options were. He got to work quickly and always keep me up to date on what was happening. He was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He made the whole case go away and now I have my life and my career back. I will forever be in his debt!!!! Thanks Chris!


    I hired Joshi on my case before my trial,with less than 2 weeks to prepare for my trial date,most lawyer would have turned my case down and forced me to take a plea deal,but Joshi and his law firm accepted me and my case and fought for me and treated me like family.they never judged my situation,they fought to protect my life and liberty as a civilian.they treated me like i mattered, and took into consideration of my child and family and how serious my situation was facing a Max of 30 years with a 10 year min mandatory,and a enhancement as a habitual violent offender. In 13 minutes the jury deliberated a "NOT GUILTY" verdict..and I give all the blessings to God for working in joshi's life to help me be a free man today.to wake up and huge my son,hug my mom and family and just be here free.i.thank u so much to Joshi and his team of lawyers..they are worth everything and more..Im a living testimony today..


    Rajan is the best attorney I have experienced he fought for me I was facing two life sentences my back was against the wall the state had all the evidence they needed against me and rajan and the Joshi law firm fought for me like a lion and I was acquitted of 9 charges 2 of them was life sentences thank you rajan Joshi we are friends for life


    Rajan and his firm were nothing but wonderful handling my case. I was under horrible stress and Joshi Law gave me so much piece of mind while working on my case. Something that could've taken months, it took them only a few weeks to solve. I am so grateful I thought of Rajan when this case came up!


    He did a motion for me for my early termination and we win,he was extremely helpful he do everything so fast and easy


    I recommend 100% Attorney Christopher Schisani for any traffic or criminal defense, one's of the Top in central Florida. He handled my case in a very professional way and always keep a great communication of every step. He was able to solve my case without any criminal record on my file. Thank you Christopher and his law firm for all your hard work.


    Christopher has been very helpful and attentive with the case. I appreciate all the efforts and work he has committed to us. Thank you.

    Juan 2021-04-13

    Hace unos meses recibí una multa de tránsito que me pareció injusta, la cual le pedí ayuda al abogado Christopher Schisani, quien desde el primer momento fue muy honesto conmigo, esto me tranquilizó hasta hoy que con su gran trabajo mi caso fue ganó con éxito. Se los recomiendo a cualquiera al 10000%. A few months ago I received a traffic ticket that seemed unfair, which I asked the lawyer Christopher Schisani for help, who from the first moment was honest with me, this reassured me until today that with his great work my case was successfully won. I recommend them to anyone 10000%.

    Jorge 2021-04-07

    I highly recommend attorney, Christopher Schisani. He responds in an extreme timely matter and is a very trustworthy person. He is passionate for his clients and have great knowledge of criminal law. He helped me get the most ideal outcome of my case which is dismissal of all criminal charges. I’m so happy I picked him and his law firm. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. Choosing him and his law firm was the best decision I made.


    I have never gotten into trouble with the law but some how some way I dated someone who put an injunction on me. I'm glad that I found this law office and I was placed under the care of Christopher Schisani. He handled my case like a professional and within a few months my criminal case was closed. I want to thank God, Christopher and his law office for helping me defeat this case.

    Stanley 2021-02-24

    I can't say enough good things about Christopher. He's a very intelligent, knowledgeable, caring attorney and always responded to my questions in a timely manner. He helped me through very tough times and got the results I desired. Highly recommend!


    Very communicative and fast responder. Handled all the details very thoroughly and made it very clear what was going on. Overall intelligible and reliable.


    Christopher and the law firm helped my husband with a traffic violation. We were able to access them anytime and explain everything in full detail. They were professional, kind, and caring. We recommend him.


    Chris represented me with my case in Ft Myers. He did a lot of research on previous cases pertaining to my case. He also had an incredible closing argument which I believe is what really helped my injunction to be dismissed.


    Chris has been amazing through my whole case. He has been a great reference as well with dealing with my medical school application process. He has assisted tremendously in the steps I need to take to have my record expunged and how to address application questions referring to my record. I would highly recommend using Chris if you are facing any legal troubles or just need a consultant on legal matters.


    Chris Kayla and raji all helped me to fight my case, I appreciate they’re guidance and persistence threw The process. Chris was calm cool and collective and was helpful with any question. Thinks a lot to the whole firm. Spence

    Spencer 2020-06-19

    Christopher Schisani is an outstanding lawyer who is willing to put the time into his clients. I had a very positive outcome working with Mr. Schisani and felt as though he was honest and transparent throughout the process. I knew where the case was, I felt confident that Mr. Schisani was working hard with the prosecutor, and I was able to communicate with him all along the way--whether it was over the phone, email, or text. He knows the system well and brings his experience as a prosecutor to the table. I was more than happy with the result and I would highly recommend his services.


    Christopher was always very clear and very patient with the court process. He made sure to be on top of my case and always notified me immediately once he received any information. Although I would not like to be involved in any more cases moving forward, I would definitely seek services with Christopher and Joshi Law Firm in the future if need be!


    Chris has saved my life from having to do 25 years to life, with 5 charges against me, he was able get 4 out of 5 dropped. I was only given 3 years. Chris is a dependable and loyal attorney. He'll Fight For You! I Thank God For Him!


    Christopher was supportive, careful to learn the facts and got the ball rolling with almost incredible speed. While our case is not complete at present writing, I have every confidence that it will be completed as quickly as possible with a favorable outcome.


    Truthfully I was very pleased with this attorneys services. Not only did Chris keep me well informed, updated me after every court hearing, answered my texts/calls on weekends, thoroughly went through my case with me, but him and his team got me a great result that I'm forever grateful for. I felt like Chris was on my side every step of the way and cared about my case, which was relieving because I have never been in trouble with the law before and I was nervous. Chris went through and explained everything to me and reassured me everything would be okay. He is a very smart and caring attorney and puts in the time for his clients. Although I can't say I won't be in trouble w the law again (lets hope not) I will definitely be recommending Chris as the attorney to go to.


    I was at my worst moment in life when Mr. Schisani represented me. I was scared about what to do, what was going to happen to me, and how my life was going to be affected by one moment. Mr. Schisani was kind and very knowledgable of the law and made me feel like I had a great advocate behind me! THANK YOU for all you did!


    Christopher is one of the most competitive people I’ve ever met. You can tell that he speaks from his heart and with passion. I was immediately able to connect with him and he made me feel very comfortable during our interaction. He is very down to earth. From my interaction with other lawyers I always felt like they were talking down to me. Chris treated me like a normal person, and most importantly, was able to get my felony case dropped. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a criminal lawyer and would, without a doubt, hire him and the Joshi Law Firm again if I run into any trouble. Great job Chris!


    Chris is a great attorney who zealously fights for his clients. He works hard and is not afraid to go up against tough competition. He cares deeply for his clients and obtaining the best outcomes.


    If you are looking for a lawyer who would listen to your concerns & tirelessly work with/for you to get the results then Christopher John Schisani is who your looking for. He promptly addressed my concerns & kept me informed throughout the process & he did so with the utmost professionalism, compassion & generosity. At the end he produced results I couldn’t be more happy with. I am forever grateful/thankful for his help, I truly cannot recommend him warmly enough. Thanks Chris!


    Helped me get out of my potential circumstances and for that he is very much appreciated. Always had a great attitude and always wanted to help in any way he could. I also really enjoyed the fact that he was younger because I believe he had a more open mindset about my case; as well as his positive attitude. If I ever needed him again he’d definitely be the first person I called.


    For years I have worked with the best lawyers in each area. For my case, I had to have an intelligent, strategic, and very strong lawyer. I only hire the best and Christopher Schisani is the best lawyer. I am very well represented. He is a strong American and loyal Italian.


    I’m very happy I hired Joshi Law to get my cases resolved and I’m very happy with the hard work this young man put into my cases… He is a worker! After speaking with Chris on several occasions I felt more comfortable about my situation. The prosecutor originally wanted 30 days in jail to resolve my Felony and Misd. Cases but Chris was able to instead get me 2-years probation. I completely trusted Chris with my cases and I definitely recommend this lawyer. Great attorney!


    He did amazing on my case and constantly kept in touch and updated on my progress. Goes above and beyond and answered all my concerns in a timely manner. Friendly and hardworking! Would 100% hire again.


    I am very happy with this lawyer and the result of my cases. Both of my cases were dropped. I hired Joshi law firm to take care of 2 of my cases. Chris explained the issues with my cases and even was available to answer my questions after hours. This lawyer is very passionate about his job and actually cares about his clients. Very knowledgeable, down to earth & easy to talk to. I highly recommend this lawyer.


    He worked extremely hard on my husbands case and he won the case, that today no one can be charged with wearing a uniform. The Florida statute was found unconstitutional n he even worked my case with the Supreme Court whom also agreed with the decision n charges were dropped. He did not do what most lawyers do which is cop out a plea. He worked endless hours to prove how stupid this charge was n the result was great. I recommend him 150%. He works your case to be dropped n not be be a cop out. Now that is a good lawyer!

    Carmen montas
    Carmen montas2014-07-16

    I feel blessed by receiving legal representation from Mr Joshi. Me and mi family were very scarered of the situation I was facing, do to have never experienced anything close to what I was being accused of. Mr Joshi demostrated to be very understanding and patient. As early as my first appearance he showed outstanding professionalism and proven to be very knowledgeable. Soon after, before my pre trial date, Mr Joshi's continued battle with the state lowered my felony charges to misdemeanors. Mr Joshi discussed statutes which applied in my behalf and discussed a strategy to calm my concerns. Short after with in days before my scheduled trail date, on a personal phone call by him while discussing what to expect on trial, he surprised me by informing me my case was completely dismissed. My family hold mr Joshi and his staff closely to our hearts for giving me my life back. Im extremely appreciative of the level of commitment, professionalism and precision on handling my case, I highly recommend him, thank you!


    I had the pleasure of working with rajan for around 9 months during my case. I would highly recommend him. He takes the time to answer your calls and concerns and in my case worked non stop on my case. He is very intelligent but also down to earth. Rajan truly cares and I consider him not just my attorney but my friend. He's one of a kind!


    No words can express my gratitude for Rajan Joshi. On our first meeting, Rajan took time to clearly explain to me the nature of the charges, my options, and his strategy. Throughout the process, he always kept me informed on how my case was evolving. Rajan committed to everything he said he would do. He far exceeded my expectations! He was professional, smart, skilled, and strategic with his decisions. Thanks to his hard work and commitment, all charges against me got dropped. He is truly a game changer. I recommend him 100% to all. Thank you again Rajan!


    Rajan Joshi is a very knowledgeable Lawyer. He is very personable and committed. For 2 years, Mr. Joshi kept me informed on all details of my case. With his diligence and hard work he was able to get my case dropped and avoid having a felony record. I highly recommend him.


    He showed up less than 16 hours after hearing about my case with a treasure trove of research and motions that the judge was clearly not ready for. He tied up all the loose ends before my next hearing and locked in the key witness so as to prevent any unpleasant surprises later on. Thanks to his swift action, the prosecutor decided not to file charges.


    Mr. Joshi represented me when I was a victim of a some serious crimes. He communicated my wishes and concerns to the prosecutor and the case worked out exactly the way I wished. I was made whole based on Mr. Joshi's effective and professional matter in which he represented me and I feel much safer now that the case has been resolved and justice was done. He kept in constant touch with me and I cannot begin to state how satisfied I am with his services. If you ever need a great attorney, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Mr. Joshi!!!


    Rajan was unbelievably informed and actually cared about what was going in my life. Of course he won our case . I would definitely recommend his services. Thanks Joshi


    All I can say is he is the best in Orlando for a fair price!!very efficient and professional.A sure win. Knows his law very well.


    Rajan Joshi is a great lawyer. He may seem like he is very busy when u try to contact him, but trust that he is working hard for you and on your case . I was facing a minimum of 10 years in prison. Mr. Joshi was able to get me a bond after being denied bond twice and held in jail for several months. Rajan Joshi was able to cross-examine witnesses and evidence againts me to expose weaknesses in the states case. This forced the prosecutor to drop the charges and a Nolle prosequi was filled. I avoided being sent to prison and having a felony record. If you need A GREAT LAWYER that will work for you hire Mr. Joshi.


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