Dr. Phil

Founding partner Rajan Joshi being interviewed by Dr. Phil regarding a high profile case he led.

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CNN HLN - Real Life Nightmare

Criminal defense attorney Rajan Joshi discussing the Michelle Parker disappearance on the CNN HLN series Real Life Nightmare.

Joshi Law Firm, PA - In Action

Mr. Rajan Joshi defends a client in court.

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Florida Federal Defense Attorney - No Jail Time for Doctor Accused of Hiring Hitman

Mr. Joshi comments on a Lake County doctor who will see no jail time after the case was pleaded down from solicitation to commit murder  to criminal mischief.

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Zimmerman Jury Selection Process - Some Reasons for Dismissal

Orlando criminal defense attorney Rajan Joshi comments on the progress of the jury selection process and talks about some of the reasons why a potential juror may be dismissed.

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