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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer > Orlando College Student Defense Lawyer

Orlando College Student Defense Lawyer

In addition to the substantial direct consequences, area college and university students often face significant collateral consequences. Examples include loss of federal financial aid, stains on their permanent records, academic suspension or expulsion, and loss of scholarship. Making matters worse, most of these defendants are young and far from home. So, a criminal charge is infinitely more stressful, for both defendants and their families.

The compassionate Orlando college student defense lawyers at Joshi Law Firm, PA understand the additional challenges these students face. Many of the members of our professional team have dealt with similar issues in their own families. So, we thoroughly evaluate your case and quickly identify any possible defenses. Then, we do not rest until we obtain the best possible result under the circumstances.

Defending Some Common College Crimes

DUI, assault, drug possession, and sexual assault are among the most common offenses at Florida Tech, the University of Central Florida, and other Orlando-area colleges and universities.

Lack of evidence regarding intoxication is often the most effective DUI defense. Even if the defendant provided a chemical sample, this defense might be available. Breathalyzer tests are far from perfect. Furthermore, university-owned property generally is not a public place. So, peace officers often have no campus jurisdiction. And, most universities own more property than just the buildings on campus.

Alcohol is also often a factor in assault cases. As such, many complaining witnesses are either not credible or incompetent to testify at trial. The same thing is true in many sexual assault matters.

Finally, drug possession charges often don’t hold up in court. In addition to physical proximity, the state must also prove knowledge and control. Additionally, prosecutors must prove these elements beyond any reasonable doubt. So, a person could literally be sitting on a stash of marijuana or other drugs and not legally possess them.

Our Orlando college students defense lawyers also often use procedural defenses, such as an illegal stop or stacked lineup.

Resolving These Cases

Usually, an Orange County judge determines what evidence, if any, is admissible following a pretrial hearing. After that hearing, and sometimes before it, most criminal cases settle out of court.

Pretrial diversion is available in many non-violent offenses, such as drug possession and even DUI in some cases. Program requirements vary in different jurisdictions. Generally, if the defendant completes these program requirements, which usually include staying out of trouble with the law, prosecutors normally dismiss the charges.

Deferred adjudication probation is often available in violent crimes. If the defendant successfully completes probation, the judge usually dismisses the charges, which means the defendant has no conviction record. Deferred adjudication has some significant pros and cons.

Many times, there are parallel academic proceedings. These proceedings have various rules. Frequently, they resemble administrative drivers’ license suspension actions in DUI cases. Our attorneys represent clients in these matters as well.

Contact a Dedicated Orange County Lawyer

Criminal charges could significantly affect your educational career. For a free consultation with an experienced college student defense lawyer in Orlando, contact the Joshi Law Firm, PA. Convenient payment plans are available.

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