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Some of Our Recent Case Results:

When looking for legal representation, you want the best legal team possible—a team of soldiers that will have your back and go to war for you. The ideal law firm is intelligent, proactive, persistent, strategic, and aggressive. These are just some of the many characteristics we pride ourselves with at the Joshi Law Firm, PA—and our client reviews reflect this.

If the circumstances permit it, our law firm is fully prepared to go forward with trial, and aggressively fight your case. We never back down from a fight! However, some cases we have handled short of trial litigation—where we received favorable results—include the following:

The Joshi Law Firm, PA successfully handled a case involving a client that was charged with second-degree murder, facing a maximum of life in prison. The client was accused of stabbing his father to death with a knife. An eyewitness was at the residence at the time of this incident. After fighting the case and conducting depositions—some of which were conducted in the state of New York—our law firm was able to get the murder charge reduced down to a manslaughter with a deadly weapon. This resulted in a relatively small incarceration term.

Our law firm handled another second-degree murder case; however, this time the charges included a robbery with a firearm charge. Both of the aforementioned offenses are punishable by up to life in prison. The facts reflect the client and her boyfriend were robbing victims by communicating with several different males via multiple social media dating applications— of our female client—to fictitiously offer sexual favors for money. Several alleged victims were robbed, and ultimately, one of the victims was shot and killed. Although the evidence was overwhelming in this case—which included damaging text and social media messages, historical cell site data/cell phone location (i.e. client was located at the scene of the crime per her cell phone location), DNA evidence, among other evidence, we were able to obtain a favorable result. Due to our efforts, we were able to get the murder charge dropped. We worked out an agreement where our client pled to a robbery charge. The client received a small term of imprisonment and avoided potentially two life sentences.

The Joshi Law Firm, PA handled a lewd or lascivious molestation case where the minor victim was under 12 years old. After conducting depositions and after extensive negotiations with the prosecutor, we were able to get the charges reduced to a non-sex offense, saving the client from being labeled a sex offender and potentially a lengthy prison term. The client ended up receiving a small term of probation.

Our law firm handled a first-degree murder case where there were multiple eyewitnesses to the incident. After a lengthy discovery process, we were able to resolve the case with a burglary of a dwelling offense with a small term of incarceration.

The Joshi Law Firm, PA handled a case where our client was arrested for possession of a concealed firearm—a felony offense—and was facing deportation ramifications. After depositions and filing a lengthy and thorough Motion to Suppress—based on law enforcement illegally stopping his vehicle—the prosecution dropped the case before the hearing. Based on the outcome of the criminal case, the government subsequently abandoned his deportation proceedings, which allowed him to continue living in the United States.

Recent Trial Results:

Although we have obtained many favorable results short of trial, The Joshi Law Firm, PA has also received great results litigating in the courtroom.

In 2021, Mr. Joshi took on a challenging case where he was hired six days before trial on a possession of a firearm by a convicted felon offense—among other significant charges. Mr. Joshi had to immediately prepare for trial to defend our client. The client was facing a minimum of 10 years’ imprisonment and a maximum of 30 years. Although the facts of the case were not easy to defend, Mr. Joshi aggressively attacked law enforcement’s investigation, picking apart the government’s lackluster efforts to thoroughly investigate the case and created many holes in the prosecution’s case. After a full day of trial, Mr. Joshi received a 13-minute Not Guilty.

In 2021, the Joshi Law Firm, PA defended a client at trial that was facing a second DUI. At trial, the evidence illustrated that the Defendant was pulled over for speeding and erratic driving pattern. The Defendant admitted to drinking alcohol, the officer smelt the odor of alcohol coming from the Defendant’s breath, the Defendant was unstable on her feet, and the client refused to perform field sobriety exercises and refused to provide a breath sample—among other impairment indicators. After two days of trial, the jury came back Not Guilty. It is noteworthy to point out that Mr. Joshi represented this client back in 2014 for the same charge (i.e. DUI), and received a Not Guilty on that case as well after trial. Thus, Mr. Joshi was able to get his client off of two DUIs as her attorney.

In 2020, the Joshi Law Firm, PA tried an armed burglary case. The client was accused of forcing himself inside the residence of his ex-girlfriend’s house, brandishing a firearm at several people inside the home. Thus, there were several eyewitnesses, including damage to the front door of the residence. The client was considered a prison releasee reoffender; therefore, if found guilty, the Judge must impose the maximum sentence if found guilty on the armed burglary charge. Here, our client was facing life imprisonment. After four days at trial, the Joshi Law Firm, PA was successful at obtaining a favorable result, and consequently, the client was only found guilty of a misdemeanor trespass offense. He ended up receiving time served and avoided a mandatory life sentence.

In 2017, Mr. Joshi represented a client that was charged with sexual battery on a minor, among other sex offenses. Our client was the minor victim’s school sports coach and trainer. The minor victim claimed the inappropriate, sexual behavior occurred at our client’s residence where he was training her. Our client was an African American male, while the alleged victim was a Caucasian female. This case exposed clear racism by the lead detective towards our client. Mr. Joshi fought the case and was inevitably successful at trial. The jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict on all counts.

In 2016, Mr. Joshi defended a client that was accused of exposing his penis to a minor at a Publix Supermarket. Although there was ample evidence proving the Defendant’s guilt, including video footage of the incident, Mr. Joshi was able to win at trial and received a Not Guilty verdict for his client.

In 2014, Mr. Joshi successfully won two DUI trials. In both cases, the evidence was compelling to support the State’s case-in-chief.

The first case involved a client that was facing his third DUI arrest. There was an eyewitness that saw the Defendant drive off the road—inevitably hitting a tree. The facts reflect that the Defendant attempted to put his wife in the driver’s seat. When law enforcement arrived, they detected multiple indicators of impairment, including the smell of alcohol, bloodshot and glassy eyes, slurred speech, and inability to walk sufficiently, among other indicators. Mr. Joshi went to trial on the case, and after advocating for his client received a Not Guilty verdict.

In the other DUI case, the evidence showed that law enforcement received two calls, in the early morning hours, of a person driving on the wrong side of the road and swerving all over the place. Our client was found seemingly unconscious in the driver’s side of the vehicle with the car running. Here, law enforcement also observed several signs of impairment. After they alleged that she performed poorly on the field sobriety exercises, they arrested her. Mr. Joshi took on this challenging case, fought aggressively at trial, and after jury deliberations received a Not Guilty verdict.

In 2007, Mr. Joshi successfully defended a man who faced who faced prison time for wearing a U.S. Army uniform at Orlando International Airport by having a state law declared unconstitutional.  The man, who was not a member of the military, was arrested at OIA for violating a state law prohibiting civilians from wearing military clothing. Under Florida law, a person could be sent to jail for wearing a military uniform, a part of a uniform or an imitation uniform. Prosecutors had claimed it was in the interest of public safety that only military personnel be allowed to wear such uniforms.

The aforementioned is just a small sample of our positive trial results we have received for our clients.

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