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Orlando Bail & Bond Lawyer

Prompt jail release is essential in criminal cases, and not just for the obvious personal and professional reasons. There are also legal and medical reasons this phase of a criminal case is so important. Individuals who are behind bars cannot participate in their own defenses in any meaningful way. Furthermore, most jurors presume that people who are in jail did something wrong. Medically, incarceration elevates the amount of stress hormones. Exposure to these hormones can cause a permanent brain injury.

The diligent Orlando bail & bond lawyers at Joshi Law Firm, PA leave no stone unturned when it comes to prompt jail release. Essentially, jail release sets the stage for a successful resolution of your criminal case. A full range of plea options become available. Furthermore, defendants who aren’t in jail are in no hurry to plead guilty and “get it over with.”

Initial Determinations

Essentially, there are three types of jail release in Orange County. In all three, the primary determining factors are the nature of the offense and the defendant’s criminal record.

OR (Own Recognizance) release is often available if the defendant has no criminal record and committed a nonviolent offense. A review board examines the case and determines if OR release is appropriate. The good news about OR release is that there is usually little or no cost. The bad news is that the wheels of justice often turn slowly. So, it could take several days to get an answer.

Usually, the sheriff sets a presumptive cash bail amount, again based on the defendant’s charge and criminal history. Cash bail is like a security deposit. If the defendant fulfills all conditions, including appearing at trial, the county refunds most of the money. The downside is that, to most families, several thousand dollars might as well be several million.

So, a bail bond is usually the best option. A bail bond is like an insurance policy. Most Orange County bonding companies charge about a 10 or 15 percent premium.

Bail Reduction Hearings

In many cases, the bail amount is too high, even for a bail bond. In a few cases, especially if the defendant is charged with multiple or serious offenses, the sheriff doesn’t set bond. At a bail reduction hearing, which usually happens about three days after the arrest, judges take additional factors into account, such as the defendant’s:

  • Ties to the community,
  • Ability to pay,
  • Threat to the community, and
  • Ability to flee.

In almost all cases, the judge sets bail at a reasonable amount, as required by the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment.

Bail Revocations

If the defendant fails to abide by any conditions, such as failing to check in with an agent, leaving the county, or not appearing at a required court date, the judge could revoke bail.

Frequently, an Orlando bail and bond lawyer can appear for the defendant and smooth things over with the judge. If that’s not possible, an attorney usually arranges for these defendants to voluntarily surrender themselves, whereupon the judge sets a new bond.

Count on a Diligent Orange County Lawyer

Pretrial release is an important component of an effective defense. For a free consultation with an experienced bail & bond lawyer in Orlando, contact the Joshi Law Firm, PA. Convenient payment plans are available.

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