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Orlando Drug Distribution Lawyer

Despite softening public attitudes towards the personal and recreational use of drugs in recent years, it is still against the law in Florida for anyone to distribute “controlled substances” unless they are licensed to do so for a legitimate medical purpose. Even possession of marijuana can lead to drug distribution charges if a State Attorney believes they can prove the defendant possessed “with intent to distribute” based on the alleged quantity of drugs involved.

In the worst case scenario, the government can charge a person with felony drug trafficking, which can potentially lead to life imprisonment. So if you are arrested or under investigation for possible drug distribution, you must be prepared to defend yourself in a court of law. Your first step should be to contact a qualified Orlando drug distribution lawyer. The Joshi Law Firm is a full-service criminal defense firm representing clients throughout Central Florida facing felony drug charges. We can review the evidence against you, look for holes in the prosecution’s case, and mount an aggressive defense on your behalf.

Distributing and Trafficking in Drugs Can Lead to Significant Prison Sentences in Florida

Both the federal government and the State of Florida defined certain drugs as “controlled substances.” Some drugs, known as Schedule I controlled substances, are illegal to possess in any amount because they are deemed to have no acceptable medical use. Other drugs are legal to possess with a doctor’s prescription. But even then, it is against the law for unlicensed individuals to distribute such drugs.

The penalties for drug distribution in Florida vary widely based on the type of controlled substance involved and the amount that was in the defendant’s possession at the time of their arrest. If enough drugs are involved–say, several kilograms of cocaine–the State Attorney could charge the defendant with first-degree drug trafficking. This can lead to a sentence of life in prison upon conviction. But even distributing a less harmful drug like marijuana can lead to a mandatory prison term of 3 years.

Depending on what led to your arrest on drug distribution charges in Florida, you may have a number of potential defenses. The state may be unable to prove the drugs recovered actually belonged to you. You may have been the victim of entrapment at the hands of the police. Or the search that led to the police discovering the drugs may have violated your Fourth Amendment rights. These are just a few possibilities. A qualified Orlando drug distribution lawyer can review the specific facts of your case and advise you on any possible defenses.

Reach Out to Our Orlando Drug Distribution Lawyers

A felony drug distribution charge is not something that will go away on its own. You need to work with a skilled Orlando drug distribution lawyer who understands the legal system and can work to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf. Call the Joshi Law Firm, PA, at 844-GO-JOSHI today to schedule a free consultation.

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