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Orlando Expungement Lawyer

A criminal arrest, even when it does not result in official prosecution or conviction, can place a permanent black mark on your public reputation. It is possible, however, to get the records of such arrests sealed or expunged in certain cases. This can effectively erase the history of what happened as a matter of law and allow you to go on with your life free of the social and legal stigma of an unjustified arrest.

The process for clearing a person’s criminal record can be quite complex. An experienced Orlando expungement lawyer can provide you with invaluable guidance and representation during this process. The Joshi Law Firm, PA, is a dedicated Central Florida criminal defense firm that has helped many clients restore their good name. We can review your case and advise you if expungement may be an option.

How Expungement Works in Florida

Florida law provides numerous avenues for sealing or expunging a person’s criminal history. Sealing a record means that record still exists but is no longer accessible to the public. Expungement, in contrast, means the records pertaining to the arrest are destroyed, except for copies maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the clerk of the court that heard the case. But these records may not be viewed by the public.

In many cases, a person must file a petition with the court to have a criminal record expunged. The petitioner must meet one of the following conditions:

  • They were arrested but the state never filed or issued any formal charging document, such as an indictment or information.
  • A formal charging document was issued but the case did not result in a conviction, either because the petitioner was acquitted or the prosecution decided to dismiss or not to proceed.
  • The petitioner has no prior convictions for a criminal offense in Florida.
  • The petitioner has not previously secured an expungement.

Another way to have a public criminal record destroyed is through an administrative expungement. This procedure does not require a formal court order and covers situations where a person has been arrested contrary to law or by mistake. A person who was also charged with a crime but later had the case dismissed because they lawfully acted in self-defense may also request an administrative expungement of their record from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Contact Our Orlando Expungement Lawyers Today

Nothing can ever undo the damage caused by a false arrest or being tried for a crime you did not commit. But expungement can help you when it comes to trying to rebuild your life and your good name following such unfortunate events. You should never assume, however, that the state will automatically expunge or seal its records without you making it a priority. Your first step is to speak with a skilled Orlando expungement lawyer.

Contact the Joshi Law Firm, PA, today at 844-GO-JOSHI or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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