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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer > Orlando Federal Gun Crime Lawyer

Orlando Federal Gun Crime Lawyer

Federal gun crimes are complex, and a conviction will carry some of the harshest penalties. The law is not only complicated, but they also give federal prosecutors a vast arsenal of tools when prosecuting defendants. It is for this reason that in recent years, there has been a significant increase in federal prosecutions for gun crimes. Due to how common these charges have become, it is important that everyone knows the law so they can avoid becoming the subject of a federal investigation. Below, our Orlando federal gun crime lawyer explains some of the most common offenses.

The Unlawful Sale of Guns

There are many federal gun laws that pertain to the sale of firearms. These include restrictions on the transportation of guns across state lines, and licensing requirements. Under federal law, individuals must have a valid license to sell firearms across state lines. Those who do not have a valid license and sell firearms across state lines will face up to five years in federal prison if they are convicted. Federal law also makes it a criminal offense to:

  • Sell guns to individuals who do not meet the minimum age requirements,
  • Sell guns to individuals who do not live in the same state as the seller,
  • Sell guns to individuals who are prohibited from owning firearms under the law

The above offenses carry sentences that vary between five and ten years in federal prison for those convicted.

Making Misrepresentations when Buying Guns

Just as sellers of guns must carefully comply with the law, so too, does anyone who wishes to purchase a gun. Purchasing a gun involves a lot of paperwork and buyers must fill out these documents as honestly and truthfully as possible. Any misrepresentation or false statement to either the gun dealer or the government can result in up to ten years in federal prison.

Straw purchases also fall into the category of making misrepresentation when buying guns. Straw purchasers are individuals who buy guns not for their own personal use, but to give to someone who is not legally allowed to own a gun.

Carrying or Using a Gun During the Commission of a Crime

Anyone who carries or uses a gun while committing drug trafficking or a crime of violence will likely face many criminal charges. They will face anywhere between five to thirty years in federal prison for having the gun, depending on how it was used and if anyone became hurt. Additional charges will also likely be laid for the original criminal offense that was committed.

Our Federal Gun Crimes Lawyer in Orlando Can Help with Your Firearm Charges

There are many different types of federal gun crimes and they all carry harsh penalties. At Joshi Law Firm, P.A., our Orlando federal gun crimes lawyer can defend you against them while ensuring your rights and best interests are protected. Call us today at 407-661-1109 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help

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