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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer > Orlando Federal Sex Crime Lawyer

Orlando Federal Sex Crime Lawyer

Although most criminal prosecutions are handled at the state level, when an offense involves activities that either cross state lines or involve interstate commerce, the federal government may become involved. One area where we see this quite commonly is sex crimes. Offenses that involve the sexual exploitation of individuals–particularly children–often lead to federal prosecution. And the consequences can be quite severe for those who are charged with such crimes.

Indeed, if you are ever caught up in a federal investigation involving sexually based offenses, you must be prepared to defend your freedom and your rights. An experienced Orlando federal sex crime lawyer can help. The Joshi Law Firm, PA, has represented many individuals targeted in high-profile federal sex crimes cases. Our founding partner is himself a former prosecutor, so he understands how the government conducts sex crime investigations. He and his team can put that experience to work for you as you seek to answer federal charges.

Sex Crimes That Cross State Lines

There are many acts defined as sex crimes by both the federal government and the State of Florida. One thing to keep in mind is that each government is its own sovereign entity when it comes to criminal prosecution. So even if the state declines to prosecute someone for an alleged sex crime, that does not bar the federal government from pursuing its own case based on the same events.

Some of the more common federal sex crimes that we assist clients with at the Joshi Law Firm include:

  • Child Pornography: It is a federal crime to knowingly manufacture, produce, or distribute child pornography. It does not matter if you were an active participant in creating the pornographic images. Simply downloading depictions of child pornography over the Internet is sufficient to break federal law.
  • Sex Trafficking: Any act that involves moving people–especially children–across state lines to perform sexual acts for compensation can be charged with a host of federal sex trafficking crimes. Again, you do not have to be directly involved in transporting someone. Federal law makes it a crime to benefit from such acts in any way.
  • Kidnapping: Abducting another person against their will is kidnapping. When a kidnapper crosses state lines, it becomes a federal crime. Many kidnapping cases also involve a potential sex crime, including abducting someone for the purpose of committing rape or forcing them to engage in prostitution.
  • Sexual Abuse: Rape is a federal crime when it occurs within in an area under federal jurisdiction, such as a federal prison or on the territorial waters of the United States.

Conviction of any federal sex crime is likely to lead to serious prison time. Federal sentencing rules are far more complex–and harsh–than even those used by the State of Florida. Additionally, a conviction may force you to register as a federal sex offender for the rest of your life.

Contact Our Orlando Federal Sex Crimes Lawyers

When federal prosecutors are convinced someone has committed a sex crime, they are likely to spare no effort in obtaining a conviction. That is why you must be prepared to defend yourself. If you need to speak with a qualified Orlando federal sex crime lawyer, call the Joshi Law Firm, PA, at 844-GO-JOSHI today to schedule a free consultation.

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