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Chiropractor Faces Sexual Battery Charges


When people seek medical care for their health issues, they expect professionalism. Instead, many patients receive substandard care or are sexually assaulted in the process.

 A chiropractor in central Florida who has already been accused of sexually abusing patients is now facing more charges of sex crimes. The 62-year-old man from Orlando was booked into jail on the evening of November 13. He now faces two new charges: battery and sexual battery.

The chiropractor has been repeatedly arrested for inappropriately touching women at his office on Virginia Drive in Mills 50. This was the fourth time he had been arrested in five weeks. His last arrest was on October 24 by the Orlando Police Department. He was charged with a sexual assault that happened on February 6.

That arrest was one of several arrests during the month of October. The chiropractor was arrested on October 7 by the Orlando Police Department on sexual assault and battery charges in connection to an incident on September 30. He was then arrested less than a week later, on October 13. He was charged with sexual assault and battery yet again, this time in connection with an April incident.

The chiropractor was most recently in court on the afternoon of November 14 for the battery and sexual battery charges. The judge ordered that he be held without bond.

Sexual Battery in Florida 

Sexual battery is more commonly known as rape. It is a unique crime in that the charges and penalties vary in severity based on the ages of the parties involved. Under Florida law, sexual battery is defined as vaginal, oral, or anal penetration by the sexual organ of another individual or the anal or vaginal penetration of another person by any other object.

It is a very serious criminal offense. As a baseline, sexual battery is a second degree felony in Florida. It is punishable by 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Of course, there are other consequences as well, including mandatory sex offender registration. Sexual battery may be charged as a even more serious first degree felony offense if the victim is under the age of 18.

A sexual battery conviction can carry mandatory minimum penalties in Florida. A second degree sexual battery offense in Florida carries a mandatory minimum of 34.5 months in prison. The mandatory minimum sentence is longer if the victim was under age.

To be clear, a mandatory minimum means that person cannot work down their prison sentence for good behavior or any other reason. The time served in prison is day-for-day, meaning the defendant must bear the entire sentence. In addition, a person convicted of a sexual battery will be classified as a sex offender and must comply with sex offender registration laws for the rest of their lives.

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Sexual battery and other sex crimes are treated seriously in Florida. A person charged with such a crime will face prison time, fines, and a tarnished reputation, as well as registry as a sex offender.

A skilled Orlando sex crime lawyer from Joshi Law Firm can defend you if you are charged with this serious crime. There is often a lack of evidence in these cases. Schedule a consultation today by filling out the online form or calling (407) 661-1109.



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