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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer > Blog > Gun Weapon Crime > Is It Legal To Keep A Gun In Your Car In Florida?

Is It Legal To Keep A Gun In Your Car In Florida?


Under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, Americans have a right to keep and bear firearms. Though, there are varying regulations for this right in different states nationwide. While states like Wyoming or Montana tend to be some of the most gun-friendly states in the nation, Florida has light regulations on gun ownership and carry laws. Still, there are instances where illegal gun possession happens, and law enforcement is eager to detect people who have guns on their person and charge them with unlawful possession.

Suppose you were charged with a weapons-related offense like illegal possession of a firearm in Florida. In that case, it is imperative that you have experienced legal counsel helping you fight those charges. A conviction could result in expensive fines and time behind bars.

The Orlando gun and weapon crime attorneys at Joshi Law Firm, PC, offer sound and aggressive criminal defense services and are prepared to help you overcome your weapons-related charges.

Carrying a Gun in a Car in Florida

Even though Florida has protections for people to own and carry a firearm, it is critical that you understand what the laws surrounding firearms are and that you follow them. If you violate Florida’s gun laws, you are going to find yourself in a heck of a lot of trouble.

If you were wondering if you could carry your gun in your car in Florida, you would not be alone. This is a very common question. The short answer is yes. In most cases, you can keep your gun in your vehicle in Florida. You will need a license to carry or a concealed carry license. In some situations, you may also conceal a legal firearm in your car even if you do not have a concealed carry permit.

Florida limits the instances when a person can open carry or have their firearm visible. To legally carry your firearm, it is usually necessary to have it be in a concealed location, out of sight. Also, you will need to have a Florida concealed carry permit. Therefore, people with this permit can carry their guns in their cars, which is lawful.

It may also be lawful in Florida to carry a gun in your car if you do not have a permit but meet specific requirements, including:

  • You must be an adult aged 18 or older.
  • You must have a lawful reason for having a gun in your car. An example would be self-defense.
  • The gun cannot be on you. It must be in your vehicle.
  • The gun must be held in a secured case and in a location that is not readily accessible.

Call a Florida Gun and Weapon Defense Attorney Today

Despite the protections that exist for carrying a gun in Florida, including in one’s vehicle, it can be easy to make a mistake and violate the laws. Even if you did everything right, how the law may be interpreted, specifically concerning how accessible your gun is in your vehicle, can mean legal trouble for you.

For help with a firearms charge in Florida, the Florida gun and weapon crime lawyers at Joshi Law Firm, PC, offer free consultations to discuss your case. Please call Joshi Law Firm, PA, at (407) 661-1109.



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