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Who Qualifies For Pretrial Diversion Programs In Florida?


No one is a perfect angel all of the time, and sometimes, bad decisions and irresponsible actions are done that are criminal in nature. And even though a person may take a step back after a crime is committed and regret what they did while feeling incredibly sorry for doing it, that does not mean that they will be given full forgiveness without penalty in the criminal justice system. Luckily, there are instances when a crime is committed that the state of Florida recognizes does not have to come with severe penalties. Pre-trial diversion programs in Florida allow for a means to potentially avoid criminal prosecution.

Being arrested for any crime, even a minor one, can be very stressful. And you may not have been thinking clearly when you committed an unlawful act, but that does not mean that you are a bad person or one that is destined to be a career criminal. In some instances, a person may be eligible for a pre-trial diversion program that, if successfully completed, may result in the dismissal of one’s criminal charges.

When you are arrested for a crime in Florida, it is imperative that you know your rights and options to secure the most favorable outcome possible. An attorney can advise you on what tools you have at your disposal to help you get the most optimal results. The Orlando criminal defense lawyers at Joshi Law Firm, PA, can discuss what programs or opportunities are available to you to help you overcome your charges.

Explaining Pre-Trial Diversion Programs in Florida 

Pre-trial diversion programs are not meant for everyone, nor will they be an option for everyone. Though, for those that qualify, these programs can be a life-changer allowing one to take specific actions that will prevent criminal prosecution and keep one’s record clear.

Individuals without a criminal history or individuals that have only been connected with relatively minor law violations may have the opportunity to engage in a pre-trial diversion program instead of facing prosecution. This is meaningful because being convicted of a crime can come with severe punishments and a criminal record. Pre-trial diversion programs provide a way for individuals to learn from their mistakes, take steps to better themselves, and move on with their lives with lessons learned so that they do not commit any offenses in the future.

To be given a pre-trial diversion program, a Florida State Attorney must approve it.

The guidelines for completing a program can vary but may include any of the following requirements:

  • Probation
  • Drug testing
  • Regular reporting by phone
  • Community service
  • Paying certain fees and costs
  • Making sure to be at every court date that is scheduled

Call a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Today 

Pre-trial diversion programs can change your life and help you turn it around. It is possible for a bright future where you can get to where you need and live your life free of the weight and burden that would come if you were criminally prosecuted.

The experienced Orlando criminal defense attorneys at Joshi Law Firm, PA, know the instances when a pre-trial diversion program may be appropriate and, in these situations, what to do to help secure one. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation to review your case at (407) 661-1109.



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