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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer > Blog > Criminal > Why Forensics Are Not A Reliable Source Of Evidence In A Criminal Case

Why Forensics Are Not A Reliable Source Of Evidence In A Criminal Case


If you are being tried for an alleged crime, the prosecution is going to gather as much evidence as possible against you to improve their chances of securing a conviction. The standard in criminal cases is high for a guilty verdict to come about, guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, so the prosecution will use everything they have in their arsenal to meet that threshold. This includes forensic evidence.

While forensics is often believed to be a solid and sound form of proof, the reality is that it is actually quite faulty and unreliable. Still, if the prosecution has access to forensic evidence, they will use it and praise its accuracy and value before a jury. In these circumstances, you must have seasoned legal counsel on your side, representing your interests. It could be possible for your attorney to have the forensic evidence the prosecution has restricted from being used in your trial.

Individuals that need criminal representation in Florida can connect with an Orlando criminal defense attorney at the Joshi Law Firm, PA. The legal team at Joshi Law Firm, PA, has decades of combined experience representing individuals who are criminally charged get the best possible outcome for their legal situation.

Why Are Forensics Unreliable?

Forensics are not perfect and concrete and have actually been the reason for several instances of wrongful conviction. According to the Equal Justice Initiative, wrongfully convicted individuals collectively spent more than 27,000 years behind bars. That is quite a bit of time that innocent people have had to bear for crimes that they did not commit. And, every year, there continue to be more people unfairly treated in the criminal justice system and convicted of crimes they did not perpetrate.

Forensic science is rife with errors and inconsistencies. For example, some methods can produce variable results while others have no substantial data to support findings or to validate the process. Because of this, when used in a criminal case, it can unjustly sway the direction of the case.

The importance of knowing what forensic evidence the prosecution has against you cannot be understated. If your attorney is unable to have the evidence removed from being used at your trial, they will at least be able to put together a strategy to combat it and poke holes in its strength and authority.

The attorneys at Joshi Law Firm, PA, understand how critical it is to identify weak evidence and to expose it for what it is. This includes forensic evidence. Every action matters when defending a person against criminal charges and protecting them from false allegations and criminal penalties.

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