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What Is A Target Of Interest Letter?


If you have just been contacted by a federal prosecutor and are feeling a bit uneasy, this is understandable. Receiving communications from one of these legal professionals can cause significant distress and could mean that you may have some legal challenges ahead of you. If a federal prosecutor sends you a target of interest letter, this does not mean that you are in legal trouble. However, how you handle your response and what you say could change that.

Being involved in a federal investigation can be a scary thing. Knowing what to do and how to protect yourself is critical. If you were contacted by a federal prosecutor, it is important to understand what it means and what your obligations are. The Orlando federal crime lawyer at the Joshi Law Firm, PA, can help you with this type of situation and any other criminal law-related matters.

The Purpose of a Target of Interest Letter

Any time you are contacted by a federal prosecutor, you should take it seriously, but at the same time, keep your cool and stay composed. This will help you think clearly and manage the situation appropriately. One of the first actions to take in this scenario is to get in touch with an attorney who understands the federal court system and knows how to protect your rights.

The purpose of a target of interest letter is to inform you that a federal prosecutor thinks you may have some information valuable to their case. That is, they believe that you could be a witness that will help them with their argument. This may result in you testifying in court.

What you say not only matters for the prosecution and their case, but your words may even implicate you in a crime even if you were not the primary target of the original investigation. This is why having a lawyer advising you in this type of precarious situation is essential.

Suppose there are areas where you could be susceptible to potential criminality. In that case, your lawyer will be able to identify them and provide you with guidance on how to navigate those matters. Your lawyer can prepare you for questioning so you will be ready to handle the situation when the time comes to speak in court.

In summation, while a target of interest letter does not mean you are facing criminal charges, it does mean that you will face questioning by a federal prosecutor about alleged criminal activity. The way you respond to the questions, though, could put you at risk for criminal charges.

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