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Do All Arrests Result In Criminal Charges?


After an arrest, you may be nervous and wonder what is going to happen to you. This can be a jarring and scary experience, especially if you have never had a brush-up with the law and do not know how the system works. You may think that being arrested means that you have been charged with a crime, but that is not exactly the case. This is because an arrest does not always pan out into formal criminal charges.

Regardless of the reason why you were arrested, if you were suspected of a violation of the law or engaging in criminal activity, your best response is to have a skilled and strategic defense lined up and ready to fight for you. While the best situation would be not to have formal charges filed, if they are, this does not mean that you are going to be found guilty. The criminal justice system is complex, which is why having legal representation that knows the system is critical.

If you have been arrested in Orlando, FL, or in a surrounding area, you need the most competent legal defense representation. The Orlando criminal defense attorneys at the Joshi Law Firm, PA, can assist you after an arrest.

Does an Arrest in Florida Mean That Formal Charges Will Follow?

It is not uncommon after an arrest to think that this means criminal charges must be next. This is only sometimes so. There are many things that must be present for a state prosecutor, who makes the determination whether or not to file formal charges, to actually go ahead and file them. When certain information is missing, or there are errors made by law enforcement, then a prosecutor may decide to refrain from filing charges against you.

So, even though you were arrested, the details of what happened matter. As a result, the state attorney may move forward with charges, or they may not. Ultimately, getting a conviction in a criminal court has a higher standard than winning a civil case. So because the bar is so high and the prosecutor must have enough evidence and information to believe that they could secure a guilty verdict beyond a reasonable doubt, in the absence of such facts or when there are believed to be missteps, the state may just decide not to prosecute.

Being arrested is never what anybody wants to happen to them. Though, arrests are not always a guarantee that formal charges will be filed. It is important to remember that even though an arrest will not necessarily mean that charges are on their way, there is no telling how the prosecutor will respond. This is why working with an attorney soon after an arrest can be advantageous. Your attorney may be able to connect with the prosecutor and make the case that charges should not be filed or that lesser charges are appropriate.

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The criminal justice system is unpredictable, and there are many moving parts. It is essential to have high-quality legal representation if you are arrested or even if you are not arrested and are given a citation for a violation of the law instead. In both cases, charges may or may not be brought against you.

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