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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer > Blog > Criminal > What Are The Criminal Penalties For Elder Abuse In Florida?

What Are The Criminal Penalties For Elder Abuse In Florida?


When an older adult requires the assistance of a caregiver to live each day and go about daily activities, they are vulnerable to elder abuse. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) reports that there are several forms of elder abuse that can happen to an older adult. These include physical, sexual, financial, neglect, emotional, and abandonment. Elder abuse happens all too often throughout the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that as many as one in ten older adults aged 60 who live at home experience abuse.

While elder abuse is a problem in America, not every accusation or suspicion of abuse is always correct. There can be misunderstandings and misconceptions that lead to false allegations made against caregivers and loved ones that are simply untrue. Being arrested and charged is not only something that can damage one’s reputation and standing in society, but it can also come with serious repercussions if there is a conviction.

If you are being charged with elder abuse in Florida, you must consult with an attorney to protect your rights and freedoms. The Orlando criminal defense attorneys at Joshi Law Firm, PA, are prepared and ready to help you manage your difficult legal situation.

What Are the Consequences of a Criminal Conviction of Elder Abuse in Florida? 

Taking care of an older person is not an easy job and can require plenty of patience. However, not every caregiver is predisposed to behave improperly and hurt the individual in their care. There are several reasons why a false allegation of abuse can happen. Here are two examples:

  • An elderly individual suffering from dementia could become bewildered and confused and make untrue claims because they cannot process reality.
  • A loved one of the older adult may have underlying pernicious reasons for trying to harm a caregiver.

Regardless of how it happens, a false allegation of elder abuse can lead to severe penalties.

Depending on how severe the abuse is, either a second-degree felony or a third-degree felony can be charged. A conviction could result in a hefty $10,000 fine in addition to a prison sentence of as long as 15 years.

Typically, if elder abuse is suspected, a concerned individual can call the police and report what they think is happening. Law enforcement will investigate and either determine whether there was no wrongdoing or that abuse could have occurred. When law enforcement believes that crimes were committed against an elderly person, the individual deemed to have been the abuser will be arrested.

Speak to a Criminal Defense Attorney in Florida Today 

A person arrested for elder abuse can face criminal and civil suits against them. A criminal conviction comes with the establishment of a criminal record, jail time, and expensive fines. A successful civil suit against a party accused of elder abuse can result in that party being subject to paying a large sum to the victim for damages that were suffered.

After an arrest, call the Florida criminal defense lawyers at Joshi Law Firm, PA, at (407) 661-1109 to discuss your situation during a free initial consultation.



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